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Premium 9.9

This board is the ideal solution for two different, yet popular and enjoyable, SUP boarding methods: beginner surfing and travel surfing. Premium 9.9 is the best option for those who want a practical board that can be used in many conditions, with maximum stability and light construction. It is a great mix of versatility, user-friendly design, and a slip-free surface. Choose this SUP if you want to have a practical board combining all the must-have features in one.!!


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Description & Specs

For the Premium line boards, we use high quality Drop Stitch material that allows the board to hold 20PSI of pressure. Additional reinforcement layer on the nose and edges makes the boards strong and light. Beautiful lamination with UV protective coating strengthens wear resistance and gives you style on the water.

Max rider weight
Passanger capacity
Water displacement


What is included?

Alluminum paddle

Full set for a great experience

  • Backpack
  • Pump
  • Removable fin
  • Alluminum paddle
  • Repair kit
  • Leash




The appearance of the goods, its equipment and characteristics are subject to change by the manufacturer without prior notice. The description is for informational purposes only and cannot serve as a basis for claims.



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