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      How can you describe SUP? A passion? A journey? A lifestyle? A portable companion for another adventure? We at StormLine believe that SUP encompasses all these. If you are up for another unforgettable adventure or you’ve simply gotten tired of your normal routine and want to experience something new, our SUPs are for you! We have tried a dozen and prepared only the best for you!

      Why Go for SUP?

      These two reasons are more than enough to convert you to SUP admirers:

      1. Traveling and Adventure – Regardless of whether you are going to spend the day exploring an aquatic region or if you’ve decided to go fishing, with SUP in your arsenal, you can reach any destination.

      2. Convenience – When you have a SUP, it offers the utmost convenience. Take your Board anywhere!

      Why Buy SUPs from StormLine?

      1. Sturdiness and Reliability

      You can rely on our SUPs.

      Our boards are made with the highest-quality materials of Korean and German origin. Between that and their professional assembly, they will serve you for years.

      2. Advanced Technologies

      Our specialists combine both innovative and time-tested technologies to ensure that our boards are simply the best and, therefore, bless you with an outstanding experience.

      3. Unique Design

      Stand out from the crowd with the original design of high-quality SUPs from StormLine!

      Premium, Powermax, and Powermax PRO: What Is the Difference?

      Premium single-layered boards are stiff enough for moderate use, lightweight, and easy-to-manoeuvre for beginners. Extra reinforcement on the nose and sides gives you many pleasant journeys.

      Powermax boards are known for their stability and comfort; therefore, they can be used for any purpose, from wave surfing to yoga. With the 2-layer PVC and the possible inflation of 25 psi, you can count on Powermax anywhere.

      Powermax Pro is a marvel for those who treat SUPs seriously. It is rigid yet super lightweight, it has the ability to develop high speeds, and it comes with a high-quality carbon fibre paddle. You will hardly find something better to go professional.

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